Even smaller or bigger companies can be badly shaken by the loss or leak out of any trade secrets, the shutdown of their IT systems and by the loss of the trust of their clients. But nowadays illegal intrusion attempts mean not only for commercially used computers, laptops and IT systems an everyday threat, information stored on private computers are exposed to the similar dangers.

Abroad it is a common practice to entrust special ethical IT professionals with the vulnerability testing of the IT and network systems, and a similar need is continuously growing in Hungary. This tendency is not surprising at all, since several imperfections of even big business concerns’ systems - considered absolutely safe beforehand - came to light by these analysis.

ITSec Area Ltd. can provide you great help in this field by its unique testing methods and professional consultancy and trainings!

Through our services our aim is to provide our clients such security, storage and management solutions, by which they will be able to ensure the comprehensive IT and network security of their everyday course of business and of which each and every member of the organization is aware of and committed to.    

ITSec Area Ltd. is a privately owned domestically and internationally concerned IT and data security consultant company. The professionalism of our services is based on the fact, that we know both sides of the cyber activities. We acquired our knowledge on trainings of both the private economy sector and the NATO and the EU, which we apply in our everyday work. For us data security analysis does not only involve the IT area, but the physical and personal security too.

It is worth to enlist our services even for those companies and private persons, who already made a monitoring in the past similar to this in their home or company.  ITSec Area Ltd. is aware of unconventional, unique methods, which basically differ from the universal, widespread techniques. According to this, a newly done examination can bring totally different, even shocking outcome compared to the results available beforehand.

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