IT & network security

Data security analysis

Nowadays none of the innovative companies or the governmental organizations can afford not having a regular self-analysis in the field of IT and network security area. ITSec Area Ltd. can ensure all the possibilities for organizations and companies, who have already realized, that the time has come for having a thorough, professional examination with the help of professional experts in this field.

ITSec Area Ltd. is unique because of the methods we are using during carrying out this analysis. The examination does not only involve the computer and the information technology system, but the physical safety aspects too and the elimination of all other activities intent to gain highly protected data illegally.

Professional consultancy

In the business world the biggest if not the greatest value is information. But at the same time it is a back-handed weapon, since being in the possession of it we can gain priceless leverage, but in undue hands it might be used against us.

With its several years of experience and special technical knowledge ITSec Area Ltd. can provide tailor-made guidance to companies, how to prevent internal or external attack attempts to steel information illegally. In case of similar existing emergency, we provide professional help to restore damages optimally and build the proper protection system.