Research & Training

Professional research

For the sake of providing analysis, trainings and consultancy on the highest levels, from time to time our associates at ITSec Area Ltd. take part in special professional research projects and publish their own findings on both domestic and international professional forum. By being involved in these national and international projects we also want to ground the IT security concept and spread it as widely as possible.

Tailor-made professional trainings

Irrespectively of the size of a company the conscious handling, storing and protection of information is crucial for all firms. However this process can only work efficiently, if each and every member of the organization is aware of the possible threats, knows the procedures and is committed to them. This is the only case in which they will be able to use these properly in their everyday work.

Building conscious information security is crucial, but not sufficient. The continuous training of the workers is also inevitable to make them acquire this knowledge as an everyday skill. Besides that since the technology is always developing, it is worth to analyze and reconsider these security processes on a regular basis.

This is the area, where ITSec Area Ltd. can provide you great assistance. We compose our company specific, tailor-made IT security trainings based on the newest IT information and methods, and make our clients acquire these with the help of our professional trainers.